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Children really are sponges...No really, they are!

Parenting is challenging especially when it comes to raising children who absorb everything that we do, say and believe.

As a parent myself, I am increasingly aware of this, especially given the unique challenges of raising two boys.

Consequently, I have been exploring other ways of making money for my family, including learning ways on YouTube. Although channels offer valuable advise, they fall short on showing how to implement it. That's where the ParEntrepreneur comes in.

It's the missing link that provides useful tools and resources to help working parents like us balance parenting and entrepreneurship.

Follow along with me on my journey towards financial freedom for my family. The ParEntrepreneur not only offers considered guidance that I learn along my way but also tips on how to help our children too.

I invite you to join me as I learn, stuff up, learn some more and hopefully grow on this journey called life today.

Hoping to see you on the journey,


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