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What is Edney Skincare?

Hi, I'm Mellissa Edney and I'm the owner and creator of Edney Products NZ Limited.

Edney Products NZ Limited is a family-owned business, run on the beautiful North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand.  Our skincare range is simply called Edney Skincare. 

I created Edney Skincare so I could trust the products that I use on my family were pure and gentle. I'm a mum who juggles parenting, work, and trying to find some self-care time (which usually gets neglected!). I want to know that I can grab a product to use easily and trust it doesn't have a heap of added chemicals.

Every product is researched, formulated, and created personally by me with my family's health and wellness at heart.

Every batch is handcrafted carefully to ensure the quality of every single item. I retain a sample from every batch and test first as part of a continual testing process.  Every item has been tested on my friends and family so I can be sure that they are safe for your loved ones too.

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