What is Edney Skincare?

Hi, I'm Mellissa Edney and I'm the owner and creator of Edney Products NZ Limited.

Edney Products NZ Limited is a family-owned business, run on the beautiful North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand.  Our skincare range is simply called Edney Skincare. We plan to introduce other products later on but that's a story for another day.

​As a mother of a child with multiple medical issues, I wanted skincare that I could use on my entire family. For our family, excess chemicals mean potential interactions with medications and I needed skincare that I could trust not to make a minor issue worse.

​I’m not talking just your standard skincare, but more about the things you use in real family life. Things like decongestant balms or the creams you put on bruises, as well as skincare that doesn't have an overwhelmingly strong scent.

I struggled to find anything genuinely pure so I designed our own products using natural butters and essential oils.


We work really hard to eliminate unnecessary additives from all our products and only use preservatives or emulsifiers if we really have to!

If you are after skincare that you can happily use on your family, then Edney Skincare can help.

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