The ultimate guide to subconscious beliefs and emotion

Updated: Feb 15

Have you ever felt that you would be fantastic at something but had a nagging feeling at the back of your mind holding you back from achieving the ultimate results? Learn how to work with your subconscious beliefs and how to change them to give you more satisfaction in your life!

Have you ever felt that you would be fantastic at something but had a nagging feeling at the back of your mind holding you back from achieving the ultimate results? Or you could simply be trying to pick up healthier habits, so you can enjoy a more fulfilled lifestyle.

Nagging feelings are more likely a hidden, subconscious belief trying to keep you see, to the human brain, safety is defined as never changing. This is why it's so hard to create new habits and let go of old ones.

As a mom of two boys, one being neurodivergent, and one being atypical, I've been on a long journey learning about how the mind works and understanding what drives everything that we experience every day. Having worked for over four years in a company that specialized in understanding thinking preferences, and the workings of the brain, and being a mother of an autistic child I've learned a lot about what influences our behavior, character, and ultimately the life that we experience every day.

I have learned that our subconscious beliefs are at the root of absolutely everything that drives us as human beings. Our beliefs influence so much about how we respond to situations, and how our character is shaped, which in turn, shows us what we will do and how we will respond to any given situation. If we want to be able to change anything about our subconscious beliefs, we've got to understand the cycle that our emotions and energy have. So how do you change or erase the subconscious beliefs that may not be serving you anymore? This guide teaches you about the cycle that drives our beliefs and shapes our lives, so you can understand how to embrace or change them.

What are subconscious beliefs?

The subconscious belief cycle

How to change your subconscious beliefs


What are subconscious beliefs?

Subconscious beliefs are memories and emotions that have become embedded in the limbic region of our brain. They are ingrained memories or habits that we are not always aware of, but they affect everything that we do and belief.

According to Triune Brain theory, the human brain has multiple layers to it, kind of like an peel away a layer to expose more on the inside.

On the outer layer (neocortex) you have your cerebral hemispheres or intellectual brain. If you peel away a layer to expose the next layer down, you encounter the limbic region of the brain. This layer of the brain is the emotional center where our subconscious beliefs are formed and our character is formed. Finally, we get to the middle of the onion, or what's known as the reptilian brain... Don't worry, it's not actually a lizard in your brain! This is the oldest part of the brain which works to safeguard you. It is the part of the brain where our brain connects to the spinal column and drives all of our physical functions such as making our hearts beat, and we continue to breathe! To order to change our subconscious beliefs, we need to tap into our limbic system (a.k.a the midbrain) and effectively rewire our brains.

The subconscious belief cycle

Don't's not as hard as you think to rewire your brain once you understand how those beliefs are formed! This is where the subconscious belief cycle comes into play.

Existing subconscious belief

This is the starting point for all of our actions. Our existing subconscious beliefs stay hidden away and work in the background, kind of like an app on your phone working in the background. You don't really notice it until something happens that makes you uncomfortable enough to start paying attention.

Our current emotion

Situational perception

Combining emotion with situational perception

Take action!

Thoughts created based on emotional response

Memories created

Subconscious belief reinforced or changed

I experienced this cycle personally when I was made redundant in 2020. Emotionally, I felt let down and furious at the company that I was with. Looking back at it after the fact, gave me a fantastic opportunity to learn how to find the positive in the situation. This was incredibly difficult at the time, but by looking at what else was affected in my life, that emotions changed and the anger lessened. I realized that the situation gave me the time and space that I needed to work with my younger son, while he was having a hard time at school. By digging deep, I saw that the underlying result was positive and I learned that the is always something positive no matter how bad things feel at the time.

How to change your subconscious beliefs

Now that you've got an understanding of how subconscious beliefs work, you can see opportunities to change them if you need to.

The two areas to focus on if you wish to change your subconscious beliefs are emotion and perception. These are the key areas where you have the opportunity for change at the start of the belief cycle.

Changing your emotion

Take note of what you are feeling and reflect on why you may be feeling this way. If you know what's driving the emotion at the start, you can see if it is serving you well or if it is something that you can work on to improve.

Gain a different perspective

Take a step back from the situation and reflect on what is actually happening.

  • Do you understand the situation the same as other people around you?

  • Is there anybody you can talk to who can help with further information if you need it?

Talking to others and gaining clarity on the situation is a valuable tool that gives you the chance to take a different path of action. Different actions lead to different thoughts about the situation and help you grow personally.

Whatever the situation, remember to look for the lessons, and maintain a positive emotional outlook. This generally leads to positive results and a vastly improved outlook on life. Don't let your subconscious hold you back and embrace every moment as the learning opportunity it is!

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