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Parenting: The ultimate business skills bootcamp for the entrepreneur inside

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Mellissa Edney, the ParEntrepreneur

Collage of business people, working from home and parenting

In today's fast-paced world, it's fascinating how the skills we use in our personal lives can unexpectedly become the secret sauce for our professional success. Take social skills, for instance.

We've all heard of "business skills," but what if I told you that many of these skills are everyday social skills in disguise? In this blog post, I'll share my journey as a working mother and how I realized that the skills I employ daily in raising my children have transformed into my most powerful assets in the business world. So, join me as I explore the remarkable crossover between parenting and business.

Face the fear and do it anyway!

As a parent, the idea of diving into the entrepreneurial world feels a lot like stepping into an ocean which is well over my head. I have my share of doubts and fears. However, what is helping me overcome these anxieties is the revelation that the skills required for business success are remarkably similar to those I use when parenting. Take communication, for example. Engaging in conversations with my children is not so different from my discussions with clients or business partners. Recognizing this parallel has given me faith in my business abilities and allowed me to move towards embracing entrepreneurship. I know that I already possess many essential skills, which in a way act like my safety shute. Sure it's an ongoing journey but I am finding that facing the fear and doing it anyway is helping to remove the fear holding me back.

The cross overs

By stopping and thinking, I have discovered many different skills overlap between parenting and business; whether that's your own business that you're building or working in as an employee.

What specific skills overlap between parenting and day-to-day business?

The main skills that seamlessly overlap between parenting and business, are

  • communication

  • active listening

  • empathy and problem-solving to name just a few.

In day-to-day business, active listening helps me to understand customer needs, and from

that, I can then meet or exceed those needs.

This is also evident in a home environment, when I'm listening to my son tell me about the mock exams coming up - I need to make sure that I've got the right dates etc. marked off on the calendar. By practising active listening, I can absorb what he's saying and arrange for him to be at school at the right times.

Empathy, whether for a customer or my child, fosters better relationships, which results in more effective, lasting results at both home and work.

And problem-solving? Parents are experts at finding creative solutions to everyday challenges. I find it best to flex the problem-solving areas of my brain especially when negotiating compromises between arguing children or customers who want the best deal possible.

By applying these skills in both my parenting and working roles, I have found success in creating strong relationships and finding creative solutions to challenges.

Parenting - a test case in entrepreneurship

The real beauty of this revelation lies in the fact that I'm already using these skills daily as a parent. Parenting has been my proving ground for my entrepreneurial journey and is rapidly dispelling the fears holding me back.

  • When I soothe my child's fears, I'm honing my empathy skills.

  • When I resolve a sibling dispute, I practise problem-solving and negotiation.

  • Every bedtime story I read involves storytelling, a vital marketing skill.

By recognizing and appreciating the business value of my parenting experiences, I've become better equipped to excel in both roles.


Ultimately, I've realized that the line between parenting and entrepreneurship is delightfully blurred. Embracing this overlap has given me the confidence and tools I need to thrive in the business world. The skills I've developed as a parent have transformed into invaluable assets for my entrepreneurial journey. I hope that you can take a new look at your daily life and see yourself from a different've got the ability and skills to take you wherever you want to go, sometimes, you just need someone else to remind you of that!

Curious to explore your ParEntpreneurial journey further? Visit for resources, tips, and insights on how to leverage your parenting skills in your entrepreneurial adventure.

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