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Just Breathe.....

I'm writing this piece especially for those of you wondering about Just Breathe Decongestant Balm...You may have heard the name and be wondering what it is or you may be looking for something that can help you when you're all blocked up with Hayfever or allergies...

Just Breathe Decongestant Balm was designed about 2 years ago when my youngest son was totally blocked up in his sinuses and couldn't sleep.

We have trouble with getting him to sleep anyway so didn't want to give him any more medicine or chemical-based rubs to help him doze off. I took a look in my essential oils collection and checked my reference book to see what could help and voila Just Breathe was born!

Just Breathe Decongestant Balm is a soft balm made with nourishing shea butter and rice bran oil, which sounds strange but is actually loaded with vitamin E, so it smoothes onto your skin beautifully.

Just breathe contains a custom blend of essential oils chosen specifically for the properties that they bring to the party. The essential oils chosen for my Just Breathe blend were chosen for their anti-inflammatory, soothing and expectorant properties.

The true stars of the show with Just Breathe are Bergamot, Eucalyptus, and Lavender.


This beautiful essential oil was chosen because of its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its tendency to increase a positive mood. Because Bergamot is a citrus essential oil, we have opted to use the FCF free Calabrian Bergamot essential oil. This means that you do not experience the photosensitivity normally experienced with citrus essential oils.


Eucalyptus oil was chosen for its expectorant properties as well as its loosening tendencies. It reacts with mucous membranes, not only reducing mucus but helping loosen it so that you can cough it up. It is a powerful oil that can block asthma symptoms, however, if you are allergic to eucalyptus, obviously this product is not for you.


Lavender is known for its ability to calm and relax...what you may not know is that it is also fantastic at relieving pain and inflammation. This really helps when you feel like garbage and just want to relax and breathe! The analgesic properties combined with anti-inflammatory properties really help when you are struggling to breathe.

Just Breathe really helps my family and I feel better when we're struggling with hayfever or when we're all blocked up. As a parent, I feel so much better knowing that I'm not rubbing any petroleum-based ingredients onto my kids or myself...

If this sounds like the missing item in your medicine cabinet, feel free to check it out in our store today.

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