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5 Things about work and parenting

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

If you decide to have children, returning to work is an entirely personal decision. Some people are fortunate to have a choice about returning to work - some people are not. Don’t judge each other - you never know all the circumstances!

  1. If you do return to work, some parents have a hard time leaving their child. Guilt becomes a part of life. Get used to it, make friends with it and it eventually disappears!

  2. Being well prepared is crucial to your sanity. Even if just means laying out clothes and packing bags the night before.

  3. Enjoy your time at work. Sometimes being around other adults and not having to worry about changing nappies (diapers) is a huge sanity savior!

  4. Don’t let anyone tell you do not work if you are a stay at home parent. You’re a personal chef, therapist, maid, administrator, chauffeur and party planner just to name a few things!

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