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Edney Skincare Ingredients and why we class our skincare as natural

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

1. What is Edney Skincare about?

As a a mum with my family at the heart of everything I do, I really wanted to keep Edney Skincare as natural as possible. Edney Skincare was created out of a desire to minimise additives in our lives.

2. How do we decide what ingredients to use?

Overall, when I create our products, I think very carefully about what I am trying to achieve and research ingredients carefully before I include it. The key thing that dictates what form our product takes is what ingredients I need to achieve the desired outcome and how easily I can minimise additives.

3. Why do I class Edney Skincare as natural?

Each product was designed to fit a specific need in family life resulting in the majority of our products being oil based. We do our very best to minimise the number of ingredients used in our skincare. When we do have to use an emulsifier or preservative, we use ecocert approved ingredients that are approved for use in organic skincare.

Everything that is added to our products is for a very specific reason, otherwise they wouldn't be added at all.

The end result of this is that our core product offering which includes our facial serum, Body Soothe and Just Breathe Balms are fragrance, emulsifier, paraben, sulfate and preservative free. The only products in our range which are not totally natural are our Spa Jars and Aftershave lotions.

4. What are Spa Jars and why do we not class them as totally natural?

Our Spa Jars were designed especially for the busy mothers trying to balance everything in life. It's incredibly hard working a day job,being a principal carer for family and trying to fit in a little self care. When you do have a chance to pamper yourself you don't want to be cleaning up the bathroom afterwards!

The Spa Jars contain everything you need to pamper yourself at home but in order to make the bath salts the most relaxing experience, we have included a relaxing fragrance and a stable and  non-toxic surfactant which is used as a detergent and emulsifier. This allows the natural coloring from kelp and matcha (our Green Goddess Jar) to blend into the water fully so you don't end up with a coloured ring around the bathtub.

5. What about the aftershave lotions?

We have an aftershave lotion due to be released soon.

I designed the aftershaves specifically for my husband originally as he doesn't like heavily scented aftershave scents and couldn't find something to soothe his skin with a gentle enough fragrance. Because the chemical process of creating lotions involves water, we do need to use an emulsifier and preservative for these lotions. I have made the decision to use a light fragrance, an ecocert approved emulsifier and preservative as they are safe for use in organic products. Essential oils on the face can cause skin sensitivity and I don't want to risk anyone having reactions if I can prevent it. As a result of the ingredients used, we have an easily absorbed, gently scented aftershave lotion coming which doesn't sting at all. It's even gentle enough to use on the teenagers in your life if they want to use it.

Feel free to look further into each product on our store page to see if it's right for you. If you have any questions on why we have included a particular ingredient, feel free to get in touch with me today.

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