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COVID 19 - Stay calm and carry on!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Everything that you see in the news these days is all about Covid 19 and the effects that it is having on everything from day to day life, travelling and world economies.

The one thing that is really bugging me at the moment is that there is such a focus on the death toll and the negative side of things. There is not a lot of reporting in regards to the recoveries or positive aspects such as communities pulling together and giving the earth a chance to reset from pollution etc.

The current death toll at the time of writing according to statistics site is 11,354.

The New Zealand government has just announced an Alert System with ratings from Alert level 1- 4. We have just been upgraded to an Alert Level 2.

You can watch the live stream of Jacinda here to find out more details. As this is just happening live, this link may not work for long, so please refer to for more information if required.

I absolutely feel for everyone that has been affected by this horrendous virus that has got the whole world in meltdown, however I can't help feeling that this is also a chance for a reset of sorts.

Our most vulnerable people are our grandparents and great grandparents, as well as our infants and autoimmune threatened community members.

We need to look after them to the best of our ability by self isolating where required and continuing to wash your hands and maintaining social distancing where possible, but checking on your neighbours and remaining kind, decent human beings.

A key thing to remember is that our senior citizens have some fantastic things to teach us at this time including how to continue to survive and thrive in trying times.

They have lived through wars, and pandemics before so they know what to expect. The elderly also didn't have the same conveniences that we have today but they still managed to support their families and feed them properly without doing massive runs on the supermarkets.

Please continue to shop normally - there's plenty of food but our supermarket workers can't keep up with stocking the shelves because of panic buying.

We need to remember that large families and people with special diets have specific dietary requirements and so let's not take more than we need and let our poor supermarket workers have some sort of breathing space!

Being prepared vs panic buying

I've just been to the supermarket this morning and I admit it was hard to find flour and yeast but there's no need to panic because we are living in the time that we are.

We have things such as dehydrators, electric ovens and coffee grinders in most households these days and flour is easily made at home if you have access to any of these things.

If you have any of these items in your pantry at home, then you can make flour:

  • Most root vegetables (Potatoes, Kumara\Sweet Potato, Yams, Pumpkin, Carrots, Cassava etc)

  • Seeds of any kind (Pepitas\Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower, Chia, Linseed, Hemp, Poppy, Sesame etc)

  • Nuts of any kind (Almond, Cashew, Pecan, Hazelnuts, Pistachio etc)

  • Legumes & Beans (Lentils, Chickpeas, Peanuts, Kidney Beans etc)

  • Pseudograins (Quinoa, Buckwheat etc)

  • Some fruits (Green Bananas, Coconuts etc)

  • Grains (Farro, Polenta, Corn, Couscous, Sorghum, Quinoa or bulgar wheat etc)

Once you have flour, you can make live yeast bugs as well so you can continue to make things such as bread, pasta etc.

Learning Resources

Some fantastic people to learn from online are:

Joshua Weissman - professional chef and youtuber

The King's Roost - Roe

Downshiftology - Lisa Bryan - Health and Wellness Coach

Nutrition Refined - Petra - Raw food chef and Holistic Nutritionist

Plus brilliant fellow Kiwis

Sweetashoney - Carine

Home Grown Happiness - Elien

With so many companies asking their staff to work from home, we now have the opportunity to go back to the basics, cook what we can from scratch and not worry about if we have convenience foods or not. Not only does this help with reducing community spread if and when it happens, but it also allows our bodies to reset fully by cooking whole foods, and making things from nutritious origins without all the fillers and preservatives.

Just remember there are local stores and bulk food stores that have loads of different flours etc available as well. The Bin Inn and The Source Bulk Foods are fantastic options available on the North Shore of Auckland as well as in many other areas.


Society as a whole has been forced to start growing their own vegetables and fruit due to the high cost of living in New Zealand (and a lot of other countries) so let's go back to our roots, take the lessons from our Seniors, and look after each other.

Now is the perfect time to implement container growing or veggie gardens if you haven't already done so and grow our own food where possible. Be as resourceful as possible and make what you can with what you already have in your cupboards first.

It is not time to panic as humanity is in a much better state in terms of resources now than back in the 1930's and 1940's wartime. President Trump has announced that he's a wartime president and no offense intended but he is actually right...We are literally in a 'Cold' War right now!

A little kindness goes a long way and now is the perfect chance to bring back our communities (even online if self isolating).

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