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5 Things about living with quirks

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

I read an article recently on FB which almost bought tears to my eyes as it was basically describing a day in the life of Master 9. As a mum of a child with ADHD, Emotional volatility, Dyslexia, Hypersensitive hearing and Auditory Processing Disorder, I resonated incredibly strongly with the writer..

As a parent who luckily has some understanding of the brain 🧠, I can tell you that it is incredibly hard getting through each day at school.

5 facts that I would love other parents to know about living with ‘quirks’ are:

  1. You are constantly exhausted as you have to keep a continual focus on your child. Even simple things like going to birthday parties can sometimes just seem too hard!

  2. You are constantly troubleshooting and brainstorming ways to help keep your child in school. Other parents don’t know your child and don’t understand what they don’t know so the complaints flow easily to the principal - especially when your child struggles with social skills and retaining control. Auditory Processing Disorder has had major impacts on Master 9’s speech and now that he is able to hear the different frequencies, he can actually learn how to interact properly. Unfortunately this means that his social skills are at the level of a 5 year old. This makes staying in school incredibly difficult.

  3. Schools do not always have the resources (physically and mentally in terms of training or understanding) so when you strike a school that is understanding and patient, you embrace them with both arms😊

  4. Fear is a constant companion in your fear the call from school, the next diagnosis, the next’s just one thing after another but it does get better as you learn more about your child. Keep striving forward and being your child’s advocate until the time, if and when they can advocate for themselves.

  5. We don’t intend to be pushy b*#ches, however when it comes to our kids, we will stand up and fight for them. Sometimes this can come across as overly aggressive, especially when you have us cornered as a single person against an entire board, however we do not intend any offense or discomfort. However, if that’s what it takes to get our kids what they need, then so be it.

Overall, the key thing that really helps me through each day is just a simple smile, or kind word without judgement. The stress levels of us as parents is massive as we are continually working to get through each day without outbursts.

This is a major part of why we created SLP Skincare, as I wasn’t comfortable putting petroleum based items such as chest rubs on our boy - I would much rather know what exactly is going onto Master 9 so we could avoid any reactions.

Other parts of the time are spent meal planning, scheduling and forward planning every little thing so you can introduce each part of the day with the least disturbance possible and the list goes on. There is very little time left for yourself at the end of each day, so enjoy it whenever you get a chance for you time!

Please be kind to everyone, take time for #selfcareFriday and remember that you never know the path that others are walking each’s too precious to not live it fully with kindness.

Mellissa xx

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